How to make your website a full-screen conversational interface with Botcopy's CUI mode.

Botcopy offers a simple and powerful Conversational User Interface, or for short, Conversational UI. (Want to say it even shorter? CUI.)

CUI stands for a conversational user interface. It’s for when you want a full-screen chat experience. You can make your whole website CUI or add it to specific pages within your site. Great for contact pages, landing pages, QR codes, and all kinds of situations.

For a quick example of CUI mode, check out our support page.

Switching to a chat-only interface can really boost engagement! To enable CUI mode head to your branding section and find the CUI mode toggle under settings. Now your website will be a chat-only interface that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. It can even be added to your mobile apps within a web-view.

But what if you want CUI mode on some web-pages but not others?

Easy, go to the Bot Prompt section in your portal, and create a new prompt for the page you want to see in CUI mode. Map the prompt to the correct Dialogflow intent, add the URL, and toggle to see UI mode switch. That's it!

If you have any questions feel free to read more in our docs.

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