Get your bot in gear.

Botcopy features make your Dialogflow chatbot for your website extremely powerful. Our Read-the-room features deal with how your bot reacts to user behaviors on your site. Our Chat window features cover the abilities and customizations available for your bot. Click the learn more buttons, and our bot will chime in with info and videos. Enjoy!

Read-The-Room Features

Monitor user website behavior and respond with brilliant timing and relevance, automatically. 

Bot prompts

Greet users to every page with a relevant and on-point message. It’s super-easy to set up & can make engagements soar.

Window triggers

Your chatbot can react to web buttons, links, and a variety of events triggered by the user. Click below to see.

URL ref parameter detection

Your chatbot can detect URLs in browser address windows. Greet users with personalized data. Imagine the possibilities!

Language localization

Detect up to 32 languages in browsers and adapt automatically. Or add an optional language dropdown menu to your bot.

ADA compliance

Accessible for visually & hearing impaired users. Chat window and its elements can be accessed with tab & enter.

Custom snippet parameters

Your bot can detect a parameter added to your Botcopy snippet that you paste in a specific page. Adds context to an intent. 

Chat Window Features

Offer a rich & satisfying conversational experience in any situation.

Custom Branding

Looking to maintain a custom vibe? You can easily remove the ‘Powered by Botcopy’ element with any paid account

Full-screen chatbot

Transform your website or a specific web page into a full-screen conversation user interface (CUI) in one click.

Rich media

Botcopy supports, cards, carousels, images, GIFs, videos, lists, and has design settings for fine-tuning.


The Botcopy chat window supports web pages. Easily add login screens, calendars & blog posts to your bot!

Live chat handoff

Use our Janis.ai integration for seamless live chat handoff. Or connect your proxy to the API endpoints we have opened.

Voice enabled

Botcopy’s speaker & mic settings allow users activate your web chat’s voice functionality in a simple click.

Open Endpoints

Create a proxy that can configure Botcopy to…

Send history

Pause chatbot

Resume chatbot

For more info on how to access our open endpoints, please get in touch with us.