Do chatbots make life better

Do Chatbots Make Life Better?

Are we in the midst of a bot uprising? Are chatbots the new apps? There are good reasons to think so. After all, you can use a chatbot for the same reasons you'd use an app or website: To access content and services and get things done.

Plus, Facebook recently made its bot store available to 1.2 billion users on Messenger. That’s a lot of potential bot users.

But the question remains, why use a chatbot instead of an app? Do bots make your life better? Should you be making a beeline to the bot store?

Yep. Beeline away. For no other reason than to see for yourself what's happening with bots today.

Plus, you might even find a spring-loaded conversation partner you love.


For example, Hipmunk, a cute chipmunk in aviator goggles that chats with you to help you plan a trip.

BOTCOPY Hipmunk Bot


Fandango has a chat bot on Messenger that helps you find a showtime near you, and it even helps you book tickets.

Fandango Bot


Trim is a little planner bot you can set up to text you friendly reminders to pay bills every month.



Swelly is a bot that keeps you on-trend and helps you decide what to wear or what to have for dessert. Swelly swole to #1 on Facebook.

Swelly Bot Facebook Messenger Kik Telegram

These bots, and many more, solve old problems in new ways, through conversational user interfaces and artificial intelligence.

Evolving toward an interface that’s conversation-based makes tons of sense. As humans, we're pre-wired for conversation. We find it more natural than navigating a website or app.

That said, bots are only as smart as their programmers. Only as relatable as their writers. Only as efficient as their multi-level decision-making schematics.

For these reasons, at Botcopy we dedicate time and talent to generating fun and unique personality DNA for our clients’ bots. We map out the conversations to be efficient, with no wasted motion or dead ends. We do this so that you, as the user of the bot, can get to the good stuff and have fun along the way.

Finally, we make sure the bots we design are good at listening to the data you provide and can use that data to better cater to your needs.

Here's a tiny snippet of a schematic we recently designed for a new Amazon Alexa skill.


The multi-level decision trees and word banks can get pretty involved, especially if you want to ensure the convo is complete, with no dead ends.

As long as bot builders are conscientious and don't take shortcuts, the possibilities for a great user experience are endless.


It comes down to this: as a user, what do you want?

Try this: pick your favorite brand, celebrity, or TV show. Adidas, Game Of Thrones, Expedia, Jimmy Kimmel, or anything else that gets you revved up about life.

How would these brands or areas of interest add value to your life in a bot format?

Let us know! Conversational AI's success depends on great conversations. Starting with a great conversation between the people building bots and the people using them.

Let's talk a bot it!