1. Create an Account

Be sure you sign up for Botcopy using the same Gmail address associated with the admin (owner) of your Dialogflow account. Your Dialogflow agent must be set up in Google Assistant response types.

For info on how to do this see our Docs page or check out this quick onboarding video. If you get stuck, please email hello@botcopy.com. We'll help you integrate Dialogflow with your website in no time!

2. Connect & Style

Add greeters and avatar images. Choose colors and fonts. You can even set your bot to open full-screen by default, creating conversational landing pages. Brand your web chat to perfection without coding! Our plug-in is your playground. 🎨

Once your Botcopy account is set up, tap the big square button to add a bot and you're on your way. You can have a bot for all of your agents – our widget is white-labeled so customize your bots as you see fit.

3. Engage with customers

Well, you made it this far. Time to enjoy the most powerful customer service experience on the market. Let it rip.