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Botcopy CEO Dustin Dye covers everything you need to know on how to design a Contact Center AI system that works from the get-go and learns over time!

Five must-have layers of your CCAI setup

Learn all the necessary layers of the stack: Botcopy Messenger and Live Chat, Dialogflow CX, CCAI Insights, and BigQuery, and how they all fit together.

Five chapters, 24 easy-to-read sections

Enjoy a comprehensive guide to implementing a scalable Contact Center project in both theory and practice. Set yourself up for success!

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What’s included?

What's inside our Contact Center AI eBook?


Learn how to use all the right tools and build your first three essential skills: welcome, no-match, and human-handoff / ticketing.


Learn how to launch your Phase 1 bot! Interact with users via your AI or Live Chat, satisfying users while storing valuable data.

Train & Scale

Export and review chat transcripts and analyze them using Google's powerful tools. Use the data to inform new enhancements.

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About the author

Dustin Dye

Dustin Dye is a co-founder and the CEO of Botcopy. Before founding Botcopy, Dustin was co-founder and managing partner at Expert Dojo, an LA-based international startup accelerator. Dustin’s insights on conversational AI practices and service automation have appeared in Business Insider, VentureBeat, and Entrepreneur. In addition, he has served as a keynote speaker and instructor for enterprise audiences at The Chatbot Conference inSan Francisco, New York, and the Metaverse. He lives and works in Santa Monica, California.

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