Features Built For Enterprise Success

Tap into our unique contextual features and chat window customizations.

Contextual Features

Respond to user behaviors, browser settings and identity tags.

A bot prompt is the little chat icon and message that pops up in the corner of a site. Greet users to every page with a relevant and on-point prompt. Easy to configure and boosts engagement.

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Botcopy supports 40+ languages. Auto-detect browser settings or add a language dropdown menu to your bot. A polyglot bot means more engagement. A must for public sector projects.

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Your bot can react to web buttons, links, and user-triggered events. Botcopy chimes in with the right message at the right time, drawing users into the conversation and boosting engagement.

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Accessible for visually and hearing impaired users. Chat window and elements can be accessed with tab and enter. ADA (WCAG) 2.1 AA compliant, a requirement for the public sector.

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Your Botcopy chatbot can instantly recognize your customers based on ref values in URLs and query your database for the customer number. Lets you greet users in a personalized, relevant way.

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Your bot can detect a parameter added to your Botcopy snippet that you paste in a specific page. Adds context to an intent without bothering your end user with questions. See docs for info.

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Chat Window Features

Create a custom-branded web chat UI in minutes. No coding required.

Engage users with in-chat videos, cards, carousels, buttons, lists, forms, and more. Our rich custom payloads create a feast for the eyes and a simpler user journey.

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Adjust colors, logos, window size and more. Optionally remove the Botcopy logo and customize your header to match your brand or that of your client's.

Create conversational landing pages using our full-screen mode. Make your whole site – or certain pages - more engaging with full-screen chat and no distractions.

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The Botcopy Live Chat Suite is ideal for seamless human handoff for the public sector, enterprise companies, and call and contact center teams.

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Don’t just put a chatbot into your website, put a website into your chatbot! The Botcopy messenger displays web pages for a variety of purposes.

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Botcopy’s TTS/STT settings allow users to activate your web chat’s voice mode. Our voice recognition tech is powered by Google, the best in NLP technology.

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Open Endpoints

Create a proxy that can configure Botcopy to work with any live chat or ticketing API.

Customer support staff can read the past transcript to provide better service.

Upon human handoff the chatbot knows to keep quiet while the live agent takes over.

When the live agent exits the conversation the chatbot knows to take over.

Coming Soon – Expanded Font Library

We currently offer 20+ fonts but we'll be adding more. Don't see the font for your brand? Let us know and we'll add it for you, free with Gold or Pro plans.

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