Security & Privacy at Botcopy

We take managing customers' data seriously. We don't just meet industry standards with regard to security; we exceed them. Our culture at Botcopy is built on a security-first mindset in all of our departments, from product design, network administration, and all of our daily business operations, including billing, marketing, support, and every other facet of our work at Botcopy.

Top Security & Privacy Features

Physical Security

Botcopy is hosted on Google Cloud Platform which represents the pinnacle of physical data center security and environmental controls.

Network Security

Botcopy controls access to our production networks through the use of strictly defined rules and requires multi-factor authentication and encrypted connections. We also utilize intrusion detection systems in our production network and advanced email filtering in our corporate network to identify potential security threats.

Application Security & Data Protection

Botcopy conducts both internal and external testing of our products to ensure the highest quality and security. Our API is managed via Google Cloud Platform's Cloud Run for scalable and efficient processing, and our chat window is hosted on Cloud Storage, with Cloud CDN ensuring optimal content delivery speeds. Our infrastructure leverages Google Cloud Platform's services, including a load balancer for effective traffic management. Our cloud providers include Google Cloud Platform and MongoDB, with Stripe handling payment processing and Google billing for streamlined financial management. Annually, we engage a nationally-recognized third party to rigorously test our application and network, affirming our commitment to adhering to the best data protection practices.

Training and Protocol

Botcopy makes it mandatory for all employees and contractors to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the inception of work in any capacity pertaining to Botcopy or our customers. Security awareness training is provided to all Botcopy team members and we routinely publish security alerts across our general internal communication channels to make sure everyone on our team is aware of security protocol changes or improvements.

Backup and Crisis Management

Botcopy uses redundant servers to ensure data availability and continuity of service. Botcopy maintains daily backups, meaning that the in the highly unlikely event of downtime, the maximum would likely be no greater than 24 hours.