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Silicon Valley airport achieves AI lift-off

"Congrats on the SJC Botcopy launch built on Google Dialogflow!"
– Manual Fernandez, Google

San Jose is the tech capital of the world and SJC is all about tech-forward thinking. Their website was excellent, but needed an easier way for travelers to access info on the go.

SJC created an excellent Dialogflow agent but needed a rich messenger on their website that works with Dialogflow. Botcopy offers exactly that, with the public-sector security and compliance San Jose requires.

Thanks to the scope and sophistication of the build, travelers at SJC no longer need to stress when seeking info on what to do concerning lost items, parking, flight status, or Covid-19 updates. Check it out →

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Century 21 boosts leads, reduces cost per lead.

"The results are amazing with this particular use case. We can get 60%-70% conversion rates by adding the bot to the site and continually optimizing it."
– Mark Rollag, CEO at

Century 21's website gets over a million visitors per day. They were getting too many live chats! They needed a solution that instantaneously fields requests and creates that first touchpoint in a relationship.

Using Botcopy, the chat messenger can adeptly find out what the user wants to do, gather the lead-generation info and forward it to the right broker nationwide, without human intervention.

More leads and a significantly lower cost per lead. Botcopy pulls the info needed and sends it to Google SQL to organize the leads and auto-send to the agent associated with the user's zip code. Check it out →

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Riot Games reduces escalations by 14%.

"We love working with Botcopy. It was interesting to see how you could scale with Botcopy and Google quickly."
– Rai Medeiros,
Riot Games

Players submit thousands of tickets and have to talk to live agents to resolve simple issues. Slows everyone down and costs Riot Games time and money.

Riot Games created an intelligent chatbot built with Google Dialogflow (backend) and Botcopy (frontend UI) that can authenticate users and solve common issues.

Riot’s new chatbot deflected 14% of escalations within the first months of deployment, saving oceans of time and money and making Riot gamers happy.

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Roche Group's Genentech speeds up clinical trials.

"From end-users to upper-level management, the feedback has been great. I definitely enjoy working with you."
– Jim Lucas, Genentech

During the pandemic, departmental task forces were receiving emails or tickets, and a backlog was forming. It was getting complicated and they needed a solution!

Research groups can spend less time searching around and waiting for answers, and spend more time focusing on innovations that make the world better.

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