Botcopy for Real Estate

Generate leads and help agents access company info and protocol in a natural way.

For IT Departments

Botcopy is a SaaS that helps you easily add advanced AI-powered chatbots to your real estate website and apps. Combine our rich, custom web chat UI (front-end) with the powerful NLU and fulfillment of Dialogflow (back-end) in minutes. Enjoy priority tech support and access to our expertise and resources.

Specializing in Real Estate

We serve some of the largest brokers, franchisees, mortgage companies, title companies, multi-family and commercial management firms and developers, and agencies and service providers who help real estate clients innovate and succeed. Botcopy offers the security, compatibility, and track record to help the real estate industry soar in the AI revolution.

Botcopy is built for Real Estate

 Bank-level security
✓  Disability compliance
✓  Language localization
✓  Dedicated support
✓  Enterprise features
✓  Live chat enabled

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