Finally, web-chat with brains and beauty.

Branded rich chat UI for Dialogflow agents.

BRAINS: Advanced NLP & Machine Learning

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Botcopy harnesses the mighty power of Google Dialogflow.

Why settle for "dumb bot" functionality on your website? Now you can automate complex tasks, radically cut costs, and boost customer satisfaction on your website with powerful natural language processing & machine learning. Botcopy makes it easy to put your Dialogflow agent on your website in style.

BEAUTY: Customize your webchat.

Our plugin is your playground.

Add an avatar & logo, choose colors and fonts. Set up custom bot prompts. View your theme in real time and tweak till it's perfect. No coding needed!

Botcopy supports rich media like suggestion chips, cards, carousels, videos, gifs and more. Voice and full-screen settings. WCAG compliant. And there's no mandatory user log-in.

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Located in Santa Monica, California.

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