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Swiftly deploy a secure & compliant AI-first messenger that works with top cloud AI solutions. Integrate generative, contextual, and multilingual AI plus live chat into websites and apps.

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Why Large Organizations Choose Botcopy


Security and accessibility exceeds industry standards for enterprise, the public sector, and beyond.


Botcopy enables your messenger to convey the right message at the right time throughout the user journey.


No-code branding tools empower you to design the look and feel of your messenger's front-end.

Serving 20k+ Customers

50+ countries and every industry have discovered the power of AI with Botcopy. Including the public sector, contact centers, enterprise B2Bs and consumer brands, digital agencies, and cloud services providers leading the generative AI revolution.

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The best of both worlds, EXPLAINED. Botcopy and Google Cloud Dialogflow comprise the ultimate UX.

Expert Google Cloud Partner

The best of both worlds, EXPLAINED. Botcopy and Google Cloud Dialogflow comprise the ultimate UX.
Specializing in Contact Center AI and Dialogflow Integration

As an accredited Google Cloud Partner for SaaS and services, Botcopy is available on Google Cloud Marketplace, catering to public and enterprise sectors. This partnership positions Botcopy as a leading choice for embedding Google AI into websites and apps. Recognized with the 2023 Google Next Diversity and Inclusion Award, we’re committed to innovative AI solutions.

"The first call from our Education and Public Sector customers when they need best in class and affordable AI for their constituent interactions. You can go through an entire workflow without navigating to multiple sites and with language accessibility. Thank you, Botcopy!"

Joel Pingel •  VP,  Google Public Sector

Security and Compliance for Enterprise

• WCAG 2.1 AA
• ADA compliant
• GDPR compliant
• HIPAA compliant

• Multi-factor authentication
• Encrypted connections
• Intrusion detection
• Redundant servers

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Google Cloud Dialogflow ES & CX are exceptional NLU platforms. Botcopy offers native integrations for both. Dialogflow is powerful, easy to use, and is our top recommendation.

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AWS is the leading cloud provider. Amazon Lex AI service allows you to build conversational experiences. Some AWS users go multi-cloud and use Dialogflow for NLU. Lex integration coming soon.

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Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud service that offers solid conversational AI products. If Azure is your cloud of choice, you can still opt to use Dialogflow for your chatbot. Azure Bot Service integration is coming soon.

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Endless Integrations

Our vendor-neutral approach enables you to create a top-tier chat stack, integrating tools like OpenAI’s GPT and other key third-party apps to ensure adaptability and growth.

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Context is Everything

• Track user page history
• Keep sessions across pages
• React to time and date
• Authorize end-users

• Detect language preferences
• Recognize returning users
• Broadcast window events
• Use window methods

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A few of our Enterprise Features

Make your chat experience unforgettable with rich content. Botcopy's component library offers custom payloads for images, videos, cards, carousels, buttons, lists, forms, and more!

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Your bot knows which page users are on and assists at the right time. Greet users to every page with a relevant and on-point message. It's super-easy to set up & can make engagements soar.

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Your bot can react to web buttons, links, and user-triggered events. Botcopy chimes in with the right message at the right time, drawing users into the conversation and boosting engagement.

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WCAG 2.1 AA compliant – required for all public sector deployments. Accessible for visually and hearing impaired users with screen readers. All chat window elements are accessible with tab and enter.

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Customize the look and feel of your chat window to match your brand. Tweak colors, logos, size and much more with our advanced branding tools. Your bot will look the part, fast. No code required.

A rock-solid live chat service that puts you and your end-users first. Seamless human handoff and superior workflow management! Use live chat transcripts to train your AI and cut costs.

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Agencies & Cloud Services Partners

"We get support from Botcopy and we get a beautiful-looking interface. We’re recommending them to our customers."
SADA  •  Head of Emerging Technology