Finally, web bots with brains and beauty.

Custom rich chat UI for your Dialogflow agent. Beta 2/1/19

BRAINS: Advanced NLP & Machine Learning

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Botcopy harnesses the mighty power of Google Dialogflow.

No more settling for "dumb bot" functionality on your website. Now you can automate complex tasks, radically cut costs, and boost customer satisfaction. Botcopy makes it easy to put your Dialogflow agent on your website - just build with Google Assistant responses.

BEAUTY: Brand your look & add rich media.

Our plugin is your playground.

Easily customize your web chat with your brand's colors, logo, and avatar. No coding needed! Botcopy supports a menu, suggestion chips, cards, carousels, videos, gifs, images, web views and more. Voice and full-screen settings. WCAG compliant. And there's no mandatory user log-in.

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