General Data Protection Regulation

Botcopy GDPR compliance

Botcopy is committed to adhering to both the spirit and practice of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please see our summary below, and if you have questions, reach out to Botcopy collects and stores Personal Data approved by our Customer, and we use the data for the sole purpose of providing superior service to our customers.

Data storage and collection policy

Botcopy does not sell ANY of the data we collect, including data regarding our customers' names, contact info, employee names, IP addresses, and Cookie data. Botcopy may use IP address for an improved experience in our chat window, and/or to provide our customers with case-specific guidance, resources, and information generated and provided solely by Botcopy for the purpose of nurturing and aiding our valued customers. Botcopy will only use cookies to monitor behaviors of your site visitors within your site, to determine if they visited a page prior and are returning, so that our customers have the ability to provide return-user context and an improved customer experience. Botcopy does not track user access or behaviors with regard to visiting or using non-Botcopy web pages.

How we comply with GDPR

Collecting Consent

Customers can set up Botcopy to collect consent via chat before conversations begin. Botcopy is able to receive this consent and modify our behaviors accordingly, if applicable.

Article 32 of GDPR

We implement stringent technical and organizational measures to ensure your data's security and privacy. Data is securely hosted on Google Cloud Platform, leveraging its comprehensive security infrastructure. For more details, please visit our Security Page.

Honoring your data requests

You have the ultimate say on how we handle your contact data, with regard to it being corrected or deleted. We work with qualified customers who initiated Botcopy accounts to make sure that all data requests are handled expediently and provide material confirmation of any data changes/deletions.


We use the following “sub-processors” to improve and analyze our website product, and have DPAs in place with all of them to ensure GDPR compliance for our own data subjects:

Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Infrastructure

Mongo DB, Inc - Data Enrichment

Sendgrid, Inc - Email delivery services

Dashbot – Optional Analytics integration

Janis – Optional Live Chat integration


The information above is provided only for your convenience and does not constitute a legal agreement. It is our commentary on the GDPR, as Botcopy understands it. Please work with legal advisors to discover if and how the GDPR applies to your organization. Botcopy is a processor of data which you, as the controller of your users’ data, make available to us. Botcopy can not engage with your users. You maintain control of meeting your users’ requests and Botcopy can facilitate by providing tools you may need to help your customers.