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Five pricing options to save you money. 😎

Pay-per-use. Unlimited features. Enjoy!

$.03 per Engagement
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Bot Prompts
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Custom Branding Tools
  • Language Localization
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Get 500 free engagements when you sign up.
    Cancel anytime.

Purchase conversations in bulk

An extra 500 FREE engagements are included with all new signups.

Starter Pack
16% Discount

  • 1,000 Engagements

Silver Pack
25% Discount

  • 2,000 Engagements

Gold Pack
34% Discount

  • 5,000 Engagements

Go Pro! (Choice of Fortune 500s)

50% Discount

  • 500,000 Engagements
  • Priority feature requests
  • Pro Plan support
  • Janis Pro

Answers to common questions:

"What is an Engagement?"

An engagement is counted ONLY when an end user clicks to open your bot prompt to engage in a conversation. That conversation can go on forever and still only count as one engagement.* Botcopy doesn't charge per message or per page load. It's an enormous deal compared to call centers and live chat agents that charge by the minute!

*If there's a 10 minute lull with the window open, and then your user continues chatting, a new engagement is counted. But this is so rare it's never happened.😴


"Can I add payment later?"

Sure! You'll still get 500 engagements & unlimited features. Your bot will be paused at 500 engagements. Add payment now to save a step later. You can also proceed without adding your card.


"Any volume discounts?"

Yes. Check out our Discount Packs: Starter, Silver & Gold. If you need more let's find time for a call.


"How often will I be charged?"

Metered-billing charges are processed at the end of each monthly term. Monitor activity in your Analytics page. If you purchase a Plan up front, there's no time limit on using those engagements. If you exceed the engagements your plan will re-up or revert to metered-billing.


"What if I change my mind?"

Cancel anytime, on your Account page or by emailing

We're located in Santa Monica, California.

Schedule a call through our bot

or email us at

Phone: (424) 341-5744

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