Google AI Services for
Enterprise and Government

Botcopy offers award-winning Professional Services (PSO) and Managed Services for CCAI and Dialogflow,
in collaboration with top cloud services providers. Now available thru Google Cloud Marketplace.

Professional Services

Collaborative AI creation for business and government innovation.

Botcopy's designers and engineers excel in crafting secure, ADA-compliant, multilingual AI solutions. While aligning with client objectives for significant, transformative outcomes, we also embrace partnership opportunities, collaborating seamlessly with SADA, Insight, Nerdery, and others

Managed Services

Ongoing AI enhancement, support and partnership

Botcopy’s Managed Services can provide maintenance, upgrades, compliance, and security. We meet your evolving needs and optimize your AI to achieve your goals. When needed, we connect you with our network of top cloud services firms to ensure holistic success across your entire digital and operational strategy.

"The first call from our Education and Public Sector customers when they need best in class and affordable AI for their constituent interactions. You can go through an entire workflow without navigating to multiple sites and with language accessibility. Thank you, Botcopy!"

Joel Pingel •  VP,  Google Public Sector

Generative AI Solutions

Botcopy, distinguished by a Google Next Award in 2023 for our services, excels in Generative AI, Google CCAI and Dialogflow. We are primarily a SaaS provider offering the premier UI of AI, to make taking advantage of the benefits of the (Gen) AI revolution worlds easier. But, recognizing the complexities of AI cloud strategies, we stand ready to ensure that every project, regardless of scale, achieves excellence via our partnership-enhanced services arm.