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Our Advanced Features: Beyond Words, Literally.

Our Advanced Features: Beyond Words, Literally.

Botcopy is the go-to Web Messenger for business and government. Our platform seamlessly passes not just queries and rich-content selections but also valuable context and user behaviors to your back-end AI in Google Cloud, including Dialogflow, your LLM (Language Learning Model), or both. Get your customers the most accurate and informed answers, and enjoy more engagement, satisfaction, and success. Read on to learn more.

We routinely talk about Botcopy's core offering: a formidable, feature-rich chat interface that easily integrates your advanced Dialogflow agents onto websites and mobile apps, providing a secure, ADA and HIPAA-compliant, multilingual, personalized chat experience. It's low-code, white-labeled, and replete with diverse settings to reflect your brand and style distinctively. 

This core offering is our rocket ship: ready, capable, and primed for launch. But what makes a good rocket great isn't just its engine—the advanced systems onboard help it navigate and maximize its journey. The same applies when gearing up for a more ambitious AI journey with Large Language Models (LLMs) onboard.

Below are four of our favorites from our arsenal of advanced features that give you a competitive edge in today's AI landscape at no extra cost.

These aren't just bells and whistles.

These advanced features can transform your business and save millions in operating costs.

Secure Session Authentication: This essential feature enables secure user authentication and data handling to unlock the true power of service automation at the deepest level. At the risk of too much tech-talk, it allows for transmitting JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to Dialogflow. JWTs are how Google OAuth and many banks and govs handle authentication. 

Instant User Recognition: This enables your bot to remember the context and details of previous interactions. Whether they're returning users or clicking a special promotional link, your bot greets them in context, effortlessly continuing the conversation from where it left off.

Contextual Conversation Starters: This empowers you to configure custom greetings and messages for site visitors on different pages—welcome users with an on-point message at every journey stage.

Botcopy ICMS (Intelligent Control Method Suite): A sophisticated suite enabling proactive and contextually relevant messaging based on user behavior. (Actions speak volumes.) This advanced system observes your users' actions on your website, like clicks, hovers, or page transitions, and proactively enables your bot to respond with context-relevant assistance. 

We'll spotlight one feature a week for the next four weeks, showcasing their value through user stories and how these features revolutionize business and government operations. We'll also be rolling out some workshops to help you get the most out of our advanced features. (We'll share these dates with all Botcopy account holders via our mailing list and post them here. Please keep your eyes peeled – the workshops fill up fast.)

We all need to get this right. The AI revolution is here, and the advent of LLMs marks a significant waypoint. We want to help you embrace the change, seize the opportunities, and redefine the rules of engagement with Botcopy – more than a web chat UI layer, but a context-providing, user-understanding system that seamlessly pairs with Google Contact Center AI and the LLMs set to change everything. 

We'll highlight the first feature next week. See you then. Meanwhile, spin up your Botcopy account. Start by getting acquainted with the rocket ship so you'll be well-positioned to take it to the moon when the moment arrives. And remember, every great moonshot begins with a single step.

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