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July 25, 2023

The Power of User Authentication with our Newest Chat Skill.

Botcopy's new Authentication chat skill adds massive value to website chatbots in the Gen AI era.

Talking about chatbots without talking about authentication is a missed opportunity. With Botcopy's Web Messenger, you bring all the AI goodness that's making headlines – great natural language understanding and excellent responses. But, without the authentication piece, your bot has its hands tied – it can only help users on a surface level. Let's change that! 

The Power of User Authentication with Botcopy

Botcopy can log in and securely authenticate your users through the chat window. Floodgates open! Don't let the LLM hype bury the lede. The real story is this: you now can give your end users the ability to handle seamless account creation within the chat experience. 

Redefining Password Resets

Password reset? No problem, the bot can help. No, sending you off to a series of screens, no language barriers – it's multilingual. And once you're in your account, the user can continue with this same digital assistant on to the next order of business, already knowing who you are because login took place through the bot. 

Is password reset a small thing handled quickly with a basic GUI flow? Think again: numbers don't lie; a tremendous swath of contact center outreach involves password reset. It still costs millions to manage with live agents and makes customers, students, citizens, and even employees, wait on hold. Nobody wants that! No reason to settle for mediocrity and waste money when AI-powered chat can objectively improve the password reset flow. 

Chat-Based Password Reset vs. Traditional Methods

What makes chat-based password reset superior to the old way?

Let's break it down:

Problem: A significant number of users often experience confusion when they encounter a series of language-specific screens during the process of resetting their forgotten passwords. This convoluted journey frequently leads to frustrated phone calls.

How Botcopy Solves the Problem

With Botcopy, our tech suite provides an arsenal of specific "event listeners," one of which detects when a customer inputs an incorrect password. 

Once the problem is recognized, the chat window opens automatically, leveraging Google's back-end contact center AI framework to initiate the password conversational sequence. In simple terms, the Botcopy chatbot guides the customer through the reset process on the same page as the login screen. 

This approach eliminates the hassle of opening new tabs and supports users in over 108 languages. Moreover, Botcopy's bank-level secure SDK cross-references compromised credentials and enforce strong passwords, i.e., it lets the user know if their password has been compromised and suggests strong passwords – a small but critically important value-add! Security is everything. 

Impacts on Business Efficiency

Next, imagine your job is to provide the most efficient business or government agency contact center available today. Looking objectively, you discover that your previous interface or password reset process resulted in ten thousand daily phone calls to live agents. 

Imagine your surprise when you determine that a digital assistant like Botcopy reduced these calls by 8,000. Let that sink in; it's not a trivial difference. To sweeten the deal, you also notice that this Botcopy chatbot is learning every day and continuously driving call volume down while boosting customer satisfaction on the other end. 

Once you understand this scenario, it's irresistible not to deploy it. 

Crossing the Authentication Divide: The User Experience

Now let's shift to the behind-the-wall experience. (We refer to this as crossing the authentication divide.) Once the user logs in and proceeds with their journey via a conversational UI, the chatbot gains valuable insights into their account, previous experiences, and contextual data about their web behaviors and communication style.

Implementing Conversational UI

As you expand the chatbot's capabilities, take it one step at a time, gradually tackling new skills and challenges.

Remember, the key to keeping your new assistant around is proactively solving problems and delivering exceptional experiences.

Botcopy in Action: Example User Flows

Enough telling; let's do some showing. Here is an example of an authenticated user flow message:

"Hey, Dustin! Welcome back. We've resolved your previous ticket. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with or if you have any questions."

"Hey, Dustin! I'm here to help. Your last transaction was on {date/time} for an amount of {amount}."

"Hi, Dustin! I noticed that your credit card on file is about to expire. Would you like me to update your card details now to ensure uninterrupted service?"

"Welcome back, Sarah. We're delighted to have you here once again!"

You get the idea. Remember, please bring this technology to new creative heights. Botcopy is a suite of tools for innovators. You're innovative, so break some eggs! You know best which automated sequences matter to your customers and bottom line. There is little stopping you from pioneering these techniques and transforming your business.

The Future with Botcopy's Authentication Chat Skill

Take advantage of Botcopy's Authentication chat skill today. Revolutionize customer interactions, streamline processes, and enhance service quality. While focusing on the future and potential of LLM technology, don't overlook authentication—it's the key to unlocking the full power of conversational AI. Experience a world of endless possibilities for your business, school, or government agency. We'll be covering more chat skills in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

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