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October 1, 2022

BYOC: Bring your own cloud


Botcopy primarily helps enterprise businesses and the public sector. So as a SaaS company, impeccable security and accessibility are a must. 

That's one of the many reasons B.Y.O.C. is our motto at Botcopy. 

It's an expression we coined that means Bring Your Own Cloud, and it's an approach that sets us apart from other chatbot platforms.

Botcopy empowers you to take control of your AI-first messaging solutions through seamless integration with the leading cloud A.I. frameworks, such as Google Cloud. 

When you "bring your own cloud" to us, you maintain control, privacy, and security around all your backend accounts and assets. For example, your A.I. agent, stored data, and all the cloud products you need to scale your solution. 

Your cloud A.I. needs a customer-facing U.I. That's where Botcopy comes in, as the front end for your bot that lives on your website and apps. 

It's designed for custom branding, security, compliance, and the ability to gauge every situation and react accordingly.

Also, like any good SaaS, our solution needs to solve a problem at cost savings. To do this, we keep our overhead relatively streamlined and focus on offering the #1 web messenger for Google Cloud Dialogflow.

This means considerable savings compared to building a custom messenger that works with Dialogflow. However, SaaS fees are just some of the savings. 

Consider what else an excellent messenger saves on costs.

Example: Botcopy Client X (cannot disclose) first came to us with a call center bill of $4 million per year, looking for ways to reduce that cost. After a few meetings with their team, we identified that 60% of their call volume was going to one question. So if they built a Dialogflow agent that could handle 20% of that question, they would save roughly $320,000 annually.

Here is the math:

Avg. phone call cost: $1.20/min

Avg. Botcopy engagement cost: .05 cents / entire conversation

Total phone call minutes charged: ~3,333,333 ($4M)

Time spent on the #1 question = ~666,666 ($800K)

20% reduction on question #1 using Botcopy = (-$160,000)

In this example, company X spent $15,000 to save $160,000 per year. Strictly from a dollars and cents analysis, that is a significant R.O.I.

Nevertheless, money savings is but one of many factors in choosing Botcopy.

The value of security

Botcopy continues to use the term B.Y.O.C. (bring your cloud) to emphasize how we firmly believe our clients should own and manage their data. In other words, set up and control products, billing, and data within a secure GCP environment. But, again, you hold the keys, not us.

Dialogflow and the Contact Center A.I. suite are the ONLY products Botcopy communicates with as Google Cloud Partners. 

We render our customers Dialogflow agents within Botcopy Messenger. All conversations and consumer insights are stored privately in your secure GCP.

All messages passing through Botcopy are encrypted and not stored on any other server.

We know our model goes against the grain of many SaaS companies that offer cloud services as an adjunct to their product. However, at Botcopy, we see things a bit differently. We want to help you stay in control of your data. Therefore, our focus is only on providing the industry's best customer support interface. 

We are constantly developing new features to maximize customer engagement. The transcripts populating your Google Cloud Insights help you make informed choices in scaling your solution.

So, what data do we collect?

We keep close tabs on engagement rates to maintain the best messenger on the market. Therefore, we monitor our messenger's shape, size, colors, prompts, notifications, window methods, and events that trigger different behaviors.

We promise customers that we will continue enhancing the messaging interface and features to foster meaningful conversations. In turn, we ask that you bring your own cloud by managing the data and user feedback and continue improving the agent experience over time. We are here to advise, but the data belongs to you!

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