Rob Lubow
October 6, 2021

Dialogflow chatbots for enterprise websites made easy.

Create a rich Google Cloud Dialogflow chatbot UI frontend for your website in minutes. Thanks to Botcopy SaaS. Sign up free.

Watch the Botcopy quick overview.

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Ever wondered why you can’t easily have a similar-to-Drift or Intercom-looking frontend but as a rich Dialogflow chatbot? A 100% Google Dialogflow brain and a full suite of rich media and branding customizations on a front-end modular component layer? Plus a live chat handoff if you need it? Now you can have all of that, with a service trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world.

You can build a Dialogflow chatbot for your website or app with no hassles.

Here’s what VentureBeat had to say about Botcopy:

After several years of shake-out, one technology approach is becoming increasingly popular. Many companies are leveraging open source backend technologies, like natural language understanding (NLU) from Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform, for example. Then they’re adding feature-rich, modularized, frontend tools on top. These tools empower enterprises to integrate, deploy and train AI chat and messaging into their own custom web and mobile experiences. One new offering seeking to fill a void here is Botcopy, a cloud-compatible custom user interface for web messaging systems, which has just secured late-seed funding.

No slogging through documentation about Google’s REST API to build a front-end for your Dialogflow chatbot. And no more being limited to Dialogflow Messenger, which is, in our opinion, more of a basic UI for hobbyists, compared to Botcopy, which is a full-featuredDialogflow UI management system for enterprise companies and busy digital agencies. Large companies and cloud services providers agree that Botcopy is the “production-ready” custom web chat UI for Dialogflow.

We get support from Botcopy, we get a beautiful-looking interface. We’re recommending them to our customers. — Chad Johnson, Head of Emerging Technology, SADA

We at Genentech have been using Botcopy for over a year. They are leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. I highly recommend giving them a try! They are always fast to respond to questions and new feature requests. – Jim Lucas, Genentech

Read on to find out how to avoid hassles and get your Dialogflow chatbot in gear.

Step 1: Set up a free Botcopy account

Make sure you sign up with the same Gmail address associated with the admin (or owner) of your Google Dialogflow account.

Step 2: Once inside, click the big chunky Add-A-Bot button.

Once inside your Botcopy account select Add A Bot.

You’ll quickly discover (to your delight) that you can access a dropdown menu that contains all your Dialogflow agents! Thanks to Botcopy’s native Google integration, Botcopy “sees” all your agents in your Dialogflow account and can connect with them in one click.

Yup, this is going to be a LOT easier than you thought. Life is good. 😎

Use the drop-down menu to select the agent you want to build a custom front-end web chat for and boom, you’re locked and loaded.

Next, if you’d like, add your API key for analytics tools such as Dashbot, and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Customize your Dialogflow chatbot skin with Botcopy’s branding tool

Here’s where it gets crazy: Accomplish in seconds what commonly takes a front-end Javascript and CSS/HTML programmer weeks or months. Use Botcopy’s intuitive branding tools to choose the colors and fonts for your bot skin. Upload your avatar and greeter image. Your chat window and variety of beautifully designed rich media components will look how you want them to.

Step 4: Cut and paste a generated snippet into your website

The snippet generated for this particular Dialogflow chatbot will work forever, no matter how many times you tweak the branding in Botcopy later or how often you edit, train, and augment the associated Dialogflow agent itself.

If you’re not quite ready to paste the snippet into your live website, you can test your bot by pasting the snippet into any HTML viewer. My personal favorite is this W3 schools HTML tester. This’ll give you a good sense of any last-minute branding tweaks you want to make in the branding portal before you push your bot live. Again, you don’t need to generate a new snippet — just go make the changes.

Step 5: Repeat and rejoice

Keep hitting that Add-A-Bot button every time you want a nice rush of endorphins.

Each time you add a bot, you’ll be prompted to connect that new bot to a Dialogflow agent from your drop-down menu, and you’ll be able to customize the skin however you want and get a new snippet going. Save all your new Dialogflow chatbots nice and neat in your Botcopy dashboard. Psst — if you’re a bot agency, this workflow will help your margins skyrocket.

NLU frameworks like Dialogflow are the most powerful option

Dialogflow can do almost anything in the right hands, but requires varying levels of coding expertise. I’m not a coder and I manage to play Dialogflow’s console like a violin, so it’s my favorite. Dialogflow is good for companies of all sizes looking to dominate in the years to come.

Live chat solutions with non-AI playbooks hand off to humans too early.

You may benefit from a simple handoff bot, as long as you don’t expect a lot of upside in terms of real automation. Plus, if the headline of this article caught your eye, you’re probably past considering those kinds of products. You don’t want to hand off the baton too early and needlessly waste even a second of your staff’s precious time.

When you are good and ready to hand off to a human, Botcopy’s live chat integration makes it super-easy.

Invite all your team members and add unlimited bots

Read about our role-based, unlimited organizational seats. Add as many seats and bots as you want, no extra charge.

You don’t need to build a web chat front-end from scratch to have a rich, custom Dialogflow chatbot that looks great on your website.

You don’t have to do it yourself, nor do you have to pay a front-end developer to do it for you. Don’t be fooled.

You can have buttons, carousels, branded colors, and all the NLU goodness (intents, entities, context and fulfillments) that brought you to Dialogflow in the first place, without the agony of building (or buying) your own UI and creating workarounds with REST API.

Best of all, Botcopy’s friendly support is always available, and new features are added every month. Like our amazing window triggers that let your chatbot read the room.

Congratulations, you no longer need to ask: “How do I create a Dialogflow website chatbot frontend UI that has all the features and customizations I need?”