Rob LubowMarketing
July 17, 2023

Free Engagement Booster with Annual Plan: Because Context is Everything.

Recently, I've been thinking about what sets Botcopy apart. The answer lies in our web messenger – it's not just a link between users and a Dialogflow agent; it's an adaptive tool that captures context, interprets user behaviors, communicates with Google's CCAI, and delivers highly personalized responses. The best part? It can revolutionize how you engage your audience.

Consider the vast potential these free features unlock. Boosted engagement, lead generation, and less reliance on live agent chats – it's a transformative experience. However, we recognize that not everyone is a coder or an experienced website bot UX designer, so we're launching a new initiative.

Sign up for an annual Botcopy plan, and we'll review your site and organizational goals for free, identifying how our advanced features can add value. You'll receive a recommendation on which advanced feature makes the most sense to try first, and we'll set it up for you at no cost – no hassle, no learning curve, just concrete results!

EXAMPLES: Imagine a smart "window method" that spots when a user is interested in a product and serves a tailored CTA. Or a series of bot prompts that offer personalized engagement based on the specific pages the user visits. Or maybe we set up a login flow, enabling users to authenticate and perform secure transactions in the chat window.

Our goal? Tailor our service to create the most significant impact for your business. Once you experience the power of these configurations, you'll see the potential of contextual engagement and crave more of it!

Remember, there's no extra cost for any of these advanced features, ever. And with our team guiding you, the learning curve just got much easier. (Remember, we're always happy to jump on with customers to provide help and advice on implementing our advanced features.) 

Botcopy wants to democratize conversational AI, removing any hurdles standing in your way. So, whether you're just starting or looking to take your existing setup to new heights, we're here to help. Ready to leap forward? Sign up now. 

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