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May 8, 2022

Botcopy secures late seed funding

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 2022 — Botcopy raises late seed funding to expand its cloud-compatible messenger-based B2B SaaS to a broader market.

Investing is Little Bug Ventures LLC, a women-led group focusing on technologies that maximize efficiency and customer-first approaches.

A representative from LBV states:

Little Bug Ventures is excited to partner with Botcopy. Botcopy’s software provides quality tech-forward approaches to outdated problems; here at LBV we pride ourselves in our dedication to futurism and Botcopy is a great fit, we look forward to our work together.

About Botcopy

Serving primarily the public sector and enterprise businesses, Botcopy’s customer messaging system is entirely cloud-platform-compatible. It leverages backend NLU technologies from GCP, AWS, and MS Azure while providing a full suite of advanced tools to help innovative teams build, deploy, monitor, and train web and mobile app messenger solutions.

Botcopy’s many features, settings, and integrations minimize the need for a live chat over time, cutting operational costs and boosting end-user satisfaction. Messengers built with Botcopy can “read the room,” adapt to language settings and user behaviors, and can escalate to live chat if needed. Botcopy also reduces production costs by providing a no-code solution for generating rich, custom web and app chat UIs in a few clicks.

Botcopy’s approach was recently featured in VentureBeat. 20,000+ brands enjoy Botcopy, including Realogy,, Riot Games, Genentech, SpartanNash, NYU, San Jose Int’l Airport, and frequently partner with top agencies and cloud services providers, e.g., SADA, MBooth, CGI, XTDirect, and Sitel Group.

Botcopy CEO Dustin Dye says:

We’re excited. Until now, Botcopy has grown solely on revenue from sales, and we’re proud of that. The timing is right to take our business and clients to the next level. The funding will speed up the release of native integrations with AWS and MS Azure to the degree we’ve already done with GCP. We’re also releasing an additional live agent escalation option that works seamlessly within Botcopy. As always, we’ll be investing in current and new features based on customer feedback.

Botcopy COO & Head of Product Alexander Seegers says:

Being natively integrated with powerful cloud platforms makes it secure and convenient for our enterprise clients to extend the backend of their chat solutions into a wide array of cloud products and services. This detail matters because it lets businesses, schools and governments more easily implement the cloud services needed to efficiently scale their operations in an AI-first economy.

Botcopy CMO Rob Lubow adds:

What Botcopy customers tend to have in common is they believe there’s value in controlling and managing their own cloud platform services. We couldn’t agree more. But these organizations — some of which are quite large — don’t want to compromise on having a best-in-class chat solution for their websites and mobile apps. So from the beginning, our focus has been on making that ‘front-end’ piece easy to create and manage. We’re continuing with that mission while expanding our services and spreading the word.

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