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March 1, 2023

Enhancing Government Chatbots with Botcopy, Google Cloud CCAI & Dialogflow

Google's cutting-edge AI technology is revolutionizing the way government agencies build and deploy chatbots using Dialogflow and Botcopy. The "Bring Your Own Chatbot" (BYOC) model remains the gold standard for data privacy, security, and ADA 2.1 AA accessibility.
By leveraging Google Public Sector and Botcopy, agencies can now create website chatbots with enhanced ease, accuracy, and efficiency using Google's latest large language model (LLM).

Yesterday, Google announced the imminent release of Generative AI App Builder, which will connect conversational AI flows in Dialogflow CX with foundation LLMs — combining granular functionality and limited knowledge bases with larger ones, helping public sector teams build robust conversational AI solutions in a fraction of the time! So what does all that mean in plain English? 🤔 Read on to find out.

But first, just a heads up – Google’s AI tech suite is rapidly evolving and complex. It has invited testers — among them, Botcopy | Google Cloud Partner. 🎉

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So you’re probably aware that Google is all about security, privacy, and appropriate messaging and will not rush products out haphazardly.

The public sector wouldn’t have it any other way, so Google Public Sector and your government agency remain a perfect pairing. Let’s take a look at what’s up.

A quick recap on the BYOC model for the public sector

First, regardless of the excellent generative AI Google’s introducing, Botcopy remains the most sophisticated web chat UI layer and the one Google recommends. We’ve always embraced the BYOC (bring-your-own-cloud) philosophy, becoming the go-to standard for public sector agencies.

With a BYOC approach, government agencies (and enterprises) have a secure Google Cloud Project that they control entirely, with all the data, billing, and backend functionality handled safely and securely.

Google Cloud Platform is secure and reliable. Netflix, Airbnb, and Tesla are among its users, along with numerous local, state, and federal government agencies. Furthermore, with GCP and Botcopy, there’s no need to compromise on front-end or back-end excellence; unlike with one-stop-shop solutions, you get the best of both worlds.

Moreover, Google Cloud Platform is the fastest-growing, most innovative, and most wisely cautious cloud provider. They are committed to safety and risk mitigation, as evidenced by their LLM technology’s more controlled and measured roll-out.

Generative AI changes everything.

Prepare to be effortlessly productive within Google’s top apps. They’ll add generative AI to Docs, Gmail, Slides, and more.

But our primary focus at Botcopy is how Generative AI will impact the Dialogflow agent-building process. Developers will connect their Dialogflow agents with foundational LLMs while maintaining control over granular functionality. When that happens, buckle up!

So let’s take a step back and get on the same page by defining some key concepts.

  • Generative AI: AI that can generate new content based on existing data. This tech can help you create verbiage for your bot’s answers or automatically handle an enormous range of user queries that don’t match your pre-programmed answers. It can keep your chatbot’s info up-to-date without manual work. It could even help you to code your backend fulfillment by generating or checking your code.
  • Foundational LLM: A pre-trained language model, a great foundation to build onto with your conversational AI flows in Dialogflow CX. Pre-loaded general knowledge, or commonly-used flows, can quickly give your bot a base understanding and abilities.
  • Granular functionality: You can adjust every aspect of your bot UX. After all, generative AI is a head start, not a “one-and-done” thing. You’ll want to review the results, customize the conversational AI flow and determine the sort of guardrails you wish to implement. Attention to detail is essential for the public sector; everything has to be accessible, appropriate, and accurate.
  • Combining limited knowledge bases with larger ones: Self-explanatory phrase, but you can connect a narrow knowledge base with a more extensive, comprehensive one. Therefore, you can respond to many user queries while leveraging siloed or private data specific to your use case.

Google and Botcopy: the ultimate stack for high-traffic government websites.

Botcopy meets ADA 2.1 AA standards, the accessibility requirement for government, and supports 32+ languages so your website chatbot can be welcoming to everyone. Of course, we value our partnership with Google and work closely with them and top cloud service providers to ensure the best outcomes for every project.

I am proud of our partnership with Botcopy to help high-traffic public sector websites become even more accessible. — Lynn Martin, Vice President, Google Public Sector

Botcopy’s top-of-funnel features and customizations provide nearly endless possibilities and can detect website activity and proactively help with relevant info.

Meanwhile, Google CCAI is an omnichannel solution that works with telephony and messaging apps (in addition to our web chat). It features Dialogflow, the most potent conversational AI flow builder, NLU engine, dialog management system, and integrated fulfillment system, and ties in with the best analytics services and databases. Ultimately, Google Cloud offers everything your government agency will need today and tomorrow.

Botcopy and Dialogflow: a stack that’s here to stay.

Regardless of what’s happening on the backend, government website chatbots still need to meet WCAG 2.1 AA compliance on the front end, detect browser language preferences and support many languages so your website chatbot can be accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, Botcopy’s top-of-funnel features and customizations are nearly endless, with the ability to detect website behaviors, user behaviors, and identity and keep context as the user moves throughout the website.

Check out Botcopy’s Window Methods, Window Events, Ref Parameter Detection, and more advanced features and customizations in our documentation.

Dialogflow CX, as part of Google’s Contact Center AI, makes an excellent bedfellow to Botcopy. Because Dialogflow, even before its LLM upgrades, is the most potent conversational AI flow builder, NLU engine, dialogue management system, and integrated fulfillment system.

In addition, it all ties in with Google Cloud’s analytics tools, storage, and everything else your government agency will need today and tomorrow.
Once Generative AI comes to Dialogflow CX, hold on tight. Building other-worldly intelligent Dialogflow and Botcopy website chatbots will be quite an experience.

Gone are the days when clumsy chatbots were the target of ridicule. Instead, you will quickly create astonishingly helpful conversational AI solutions, helping people live better in all facets of life and allowing government resources to go to more pressing tasks. What a meaningful time to be in your position! Enjoy.

Start preparing now.

Even though the Generative AI App Builder has yet to arrive, get your ship in order with a Dialogflow and Botcopy account. Grab a free trial.

Then, start interacting with citizens on your website today and better position yourself to use Google’s generative AI tomorrow.

Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out — we’ll show you how to get started. In addition, our free eBook will help.

You can do it! Enter a new era with us. Let’s talk it over.