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July 13, 2023

Giving websites an unfair advantage in the LLM era.

In case you're new to Botcopy: our software helps large organizations get the most out of conversational AI, giving websites a secure, compliant, personalized AI chat. It authenticates at a "bank-level" and securely passes important data to your Google Cloud account while ticking all the boxes for ADA and HIPAA. The end game is always a better user experience. But think about all the possibilities beyond just FAQ!

It's already happening. Instantly, safely, securely, and in over 60 languages.

Google and Botcopy partner with the public sector and enterprises in long-term cloud contracts. The result?

1) Better customer and citizen experiences and

2) the ever-expanding use of cloud services making organizations more efficient.

We've seen some awesome success stories along the way. Take Minnesota DMV - they've benefited from partnering with Google Cloud and us. They can now communicate and manage cases securely online with their large population of Somali and Hmong immigrants who don't speak English as a first language.

See our LinkedIn post and video about the Minnesota project and join the conversation!

And yet, we feel like we're just getting started. We want to shout from the rooftops about the power of conversational AI on websites and get everyone, from coders to CEOs, excited about it.

We'd love to chat if you're an enterprise, a public sector organization, or a curious Googler looking to get in sync with a growing movement within Google Cloud to leverage the CCAI and Botcopy partnership.

Let's explore the future of AI together. Because why wait when it's already here? Get in touch with us at

A deeper dive:

Conversational AI on websites

As we dive deeper into the transformative power of conversational AI on websites, it's essential to acknowledge the progress made and the journey ahead. We've partnered with major organizations, transformed how they interact with their customers, and seen the power of AI in action. But the real voyage has just begun, and we want you, the person reading this, to come aboard.

To fully appreciate Botcopy's value prop and the unique opportunity ahead, we've simplified the fundamental story of what Botcopy is. We aim to lay out our vision, achievements, and future strategy in under five minutes. Let's peel back the layers and dive into the core of what we're all about and, more importantly, what's in it for you.

Bottom line: The contact center market is shifting significantly. Organizations are transitioning from on-premise solutions to cost-effective, secure, AI-powered cloud alternatives. Botcopy anticipated this shift five years ago and positioned ourselves at the forefront, ready to seize the evolving opportunities.

The stars have aligned in 2023. The generative AI explosion amplified the already crazy momentum in cloud services. Top cloud providers are rolling out paradigm-shattering AI technology for contact centers, empowering businesses and governments to transform their operations overnight. The timing feels like lightning in a bottle.

Let's ride the wave! Billions are shifting in the contact center market due to AI revolutionizing chat experiences. But here's the thing: the LOCATION of AI interactions, especially for business and government, is key. Those deploying Contact Center AI (CCAI) onto WEBSITES will dominate, having total control over customer communications.

Why Botcopy and Google Cloud CCAI on websites?

Let's delve into why Botcopy's so laser-focused on bringing CCAI to websites: Phone gateways and social platforms have been underwhelming as customer support mediums, especially for enterprise businesses and the public sector. We've seen demand for powerful and secure chat messengers on websites skyrocket.

Moreover, alternative web chat products emerged in recent years that were easy to deploy but lacked the power and intelligence of Google's backend AI framework; plus, they didn't offer an advanced messenger on the front end to create an engaging user experience. The widgets were pointless, giving chatbots a bad name.

We've ALWAYS believed in the potential of website chatbots.

But we saw early on that for a top-tier AI framework like Google CCAI to shine, it needed a corresponding platform to let website users communicate with AI in engaging ways right from the website! Spotting this need for an AI web messenger, we took the initiative to build it. 💪

Our marketing centered around the cloud migration wave, addressing a universal challenge large organizations face: How to integrate cloud-based AI into websites. We organically topped search engine rankings, and 99% of our site visitors sought a CCAI solution for the web. People need Botcopy and are willing to pay for it. 🎉

With our business off the ground, we're working on some pretty monumental projects and enjoying a serious premiere partnership with Google. Our web chat solution for CCAI sped up chatbot project production, was an entry point for Google Cloud consumption for a variety of their most useful products, and secured long-lasting deals, boosting revenue, and representing a commitment to excellence from all involved.

Access our one-sheets for public sector, enterprise, and healthcare.

20,000+ customers! Botcopy's worked with:

Key point: Our web messenger complements Google's conversational AI tech. Our advanced web chat UI goes beyond facilitating FAQs and lead capture. It provides an accessible gateway to authenticate users and enable personalized, dynamic services. Botcopy is the key piece that allows conversational AI to automate operations.

We promise big and consistently deliver, which helps because a beneficial product is the best kind of marketing. Having an exceptional team helps, too. We've made quick progress, focusing on measurable ROI and putting customers first. We now have several lucrative contracts closed and many more in the pipeline. And we're just getting started.

Meanwhile, we enhanced our security, accessibility, and compliance, meeting ADA's strict WCAG 2.1 AA standards (mandatory for government agencies), HIPAA compliance for healthcare companies, and multi-lingual support for diverse communities and countries worldwide. These are table-stakes features for helping companies achieve massive, long-term digital transformation.

Keep in mind: While AI is indeed evolving quickly, whatever makes Google's AI more powerful is excellent for Botcopy, with generative AI on the rise (think GPT4; or, even better, Google's PaLM2) a web chat UI layer that enterprises and governments can count on to be reliable, secure, and scalable is more valuable than ever.

The road ahead

Our mission is to be more than just a great product; but a profitable business. After all, how can we make things better if we don't spread the word and make the journey easy? That's what good business is all about! To that end, we've expanded teams in every region and have an aggressive cross-sector marketing strategy, creating campaigns and messaging that resonate with distinct verticals while maintaining a cohesive brand. 🎯


Could that partner be you? Please contact us to find out.