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April 1, 2023

Uniting the States with AI: How Google Public Sector and Botcopy are leading the charge, coast to coast.

AI around the country

Google Cloud Contact Center AI and Botcopy’s web chat UI and live chat empower cities and states to boost quality of life for citizens and make tax dollars go further.

The primary duty of the public sector is to serve the public. So it’s particularly satisfying to be involved with public sector projects. The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for the public sector to improve contact center automation. Since then, many states have embarked on innovative projects, and we’ve had the honor to be part of these journeys.

The AI projects, built with Google CCAI and Botcopy’s Google-approved web chat UI layer, vary in scope but tend to have a few fundamentals in common. Read on to learn how Google Public Sector and Botcopy are making a difference throughout the U.S. with public sector chatbots.

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Creating a best-in-class contact center AI stack

The goal is to streamline customer service operations and provide a better overall experience for citizens. Below is a top-level glimpse at what you need to know going into one of these projects.

1. Requirements for CCAI set-up for the public sector

  • ADA 2.1 AA Compliance: All text-based interaction must comply with the requirements of this particular standard, including the ability of those with visual and hearing impairments to interact with your contact center. Botcopy has achieved the highest level of ADA 2.1 AA compliance.
  • Language support: Your public sector contact center AI should support many languages so all citizens can access services. Botcopy now supports 32+ languages so your bot can be welcoming to everyone.
  • HIPAA compliance: Public sector health agencies must meet HIPAA compliance standards and ensure that all patient data is kept secure and confidential.
  • Encrypted messaging: All messages sent through your public sector contact center AI should be encrypted to ensure the privacy of your citizens.
  • Omni-channel: Your public sector contact center AI should be available across multiple channels, including telephony, a website (using Botcopy for the web chat UI layer), and, if applicable, a mobile app. This variety of touch points allows citizens to access services in the way they feel most comfortable.

2. Botcopy’s customizable and seamless web chat UI

For busy public sector agencies and their Google Cloud service partners, Botcopy offers a powerful solution to quickly create and embed custom, branded website chatbot interfaces without any coding experience.

Botcopy integrates with Google Dialogflow, the world’s most robust natural language understanding (NLU) platform. This combination of Botcopy and Dialogflow allows agencies to embed a conversational AI system into their website that can host rich content, e.g., buttons, images, lists, and forms; authenticate users, trigger Dialogflow intents, and even send web hooks to pull up dynamic and personalized data.

Once the basics of the Dialogflow agent and Botcopy bot are in place, Botcopy’s no-code branding tools make it simple to customize the interface with logos, colors, and fonts that match your business.

Furthermore, Botcopy’s advanced front-end features empower your chat window to respond proactively to clicks and scrolls, detect ref parameters, and hold context from page to page, all while communicating seamlessly with Dialogflow’s NLU engine and fulfillment for a genuinely personalized UX from the front to back.

3. Start small with three essential steps:

  • Set up AI Messenger: We recommend setting up an AI Messenger using Dialogflow CX, Botcopy Messenger, and Cloud Functions. The AI will capture user info and hand it off to a live agent or generate a support ticket if no agent is available.
  • Facilitate live chat handoff or ticketing: The live chat handoff or ticketing form fill will render within the Botcopy Messenger, with live agent groups or form sends assigned based on session parameters and Dialogflow fulfillment, respectively.
  • Analyze user needs for optimal results: Analytics, reporting, and fine-tuning are vital for the project’s growth. A common scenario to ensure you’re capturing data from your AI and live chat interactions that can inform enhancements to the AI is to set up BigQuery, CCAI Insights, and Looker to provide data on what AI enhancement to prioritize. Based on user behaviors and trends, augment the solution with conversational design or training data or suggest new intents and flows as needed.

Key takeaway:

Baby steps! With a phase one bot, you can greet users to your website, field basic questions, and escalate as needed, while learning and training your AI for next time to reduce escalations. Use Topic Modeling with Google CCAI Insights — or another analytics methodology of your choice — to justify any new work you do. Start small but intelligently, and grow based on data. Don’t use guesswork and overbuild — that never works out well.

Act now: Harness the power of AI for the public sector now!

The launch of Google Public Sector in July 2022 has illuminated the path for successful AI implementation in public sector agencies around the country. With Google CCAI and Botcopy, government agencies can implement best-in-class AI solutions quickly and efficiently, reducing costs and improving citizens’ quality of life.

In the months ahead, we’re looking forward to Google incorporating LLM technology on the Dialogflow end to make agent creation and response generation even more efficient for designers and developers.

Exciting times! But be sure to get your CCAI ship in order now so that when the time comes, you can use all the great new Google and Botcopy technology coming down the pike.

Even with advancements in language generation, deploying the secure and ADA 2.1 AA compliant Botcopy web chat layer will remain vital for public sector agencies who seek to fulfill their duty to the public.

Botcopy is proud to be a part of this AI movement, along with our friends at Google Public Sector, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact AI can have on the lives of citizens!

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